The Meandering Moose

A meandering moose gathers no moss...He will simply eat it along the way.

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Tuesday night dinner started out as "Spaghetti Night" sometime in September, 1989. It was me, and my college buddies getting together weekly (well, actually, we got together a lot more often than weekly back then, but it was a good excuse for having a real dinner once a week at least). Over the years, it has been moved around a bit, but has remained a weekly get-together with friends. Interestingly, in 2003 we have almost reverted it back to "Spaghetti Night", from its meanderings. Fortunately, over the years, our collective tastes (and wallets) have expanded to a point where we can do other foodstuffs for supper. But, change as it will, Tuesday Night dinner has, and always will be, a gathering of friends to put aside the stresses of the outside world, and enjoy good food and good company. Outside problems are permitted, but only if invited, and they may not stay long.

We're still trying to figure out how to post the schedule so people will know what to cook / bring, and when.

We're also trying to figure out a safe way so we can notify interested people via e-mail if the schedule needs to change and / or cancel for a particular week.

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