The Meandering Moose

A meandering moose gathers no moss...He will simply eat it along the way.

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"The Moose or Elke is a creature, or rather if you will a Monster B their horns B very big (and brancht out into palms) the tips whereof are sometimes found to be two fathom asunder B and in height from the tip of the forefoot to the pitch of the shoulder twelve foot, both which hath been taken by some of my sceptique Readers to be monstrous lyes". (Josselyn, 1674 , quoted from R.L. Peterson. 1955. North American Moose).

Certainly, due to adrenaline and the wonderment at viewing such a magnificent creature, Josselyn might have exaggerated somewhat. Regarless, the North American Moose (alces alces) is the largest member of the deer family. A fully grown bull moose can weigh up to 580 kg, with antlers that span 6 feet or more, and has little to fear in the wild, except for man. Even a pack of hungry wolves will have second thoughts about going up against a bull moose in his prime (or a cow moose protecting her calves, for that matter). Yet, this giant's name comes from the Algonquin, who named it "eater of twigs".

Moose spend much of the summer months grazing shallow ponds for lakeweed, which provides the moose with the sodium that it needs. Moose have been known to dive in order to get to these plants!

Moose are also very accomplished swimmers, being able to swim at speeds up to 8 MPH for sustained periods of time.

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