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Quotable Quotes

This is a collection of quotes that I've come across in my travels. Some of them require some background information that I have tried to provide.

Submissions may be accepted, so send me some!

(Book 1 is currently misplaced)

Book 2 Quotes

"There's always a rational explanation for what looks like magic..."

     Simon Sterin, Holland, Inventor of Decimal Money
"Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
     Arthur C. Clarke
"The wonderful thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from"
     Anonymous / TSC
"It is said that history is like a mirror; it can only look back. Undoubtedly true, but there is great value in pausing to look back, for only with an appreciation of where we've been can we hope to understand where we are heading"
     Neil Armstrong, Foreward, "Kill Devil Hill"
"Adaptability is the key to continued survival"
     Tien-Seng Chiu
"Technology is only as good as the people who wield it"
    (To be spoken as per James Earl Jones in the Bell Atlantic Mobile commercials, 
     "A cell phone is only as good as the network it's on")
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
     George Santayana
"46% of all statistics are useless"
"No generalization is true"
     Robert A. Heinlein
"That's OK. We'll just align it to itself..."
     Brian Giroux while pondering how to assure alignment of a critical piece of optical equipment
"If you don't keep it in your mouth it's not too bad..."
     John Scofield, upon tasting Dos Equis Amber at The Last Chance
"...but it's a DRY heat..."
     Dave Kisloski, upon the re-emergence of the "Mad Dog Inferno" (i.e. Death) wings at The Last Chance.  
     Note:  This particular configuration was known as "Dave's Wings" for a time.  ed.
"There is a time and a place for everything; inevitably, that will be neither all the time, nor everywhere"
     Tien-Seng Chiu
"It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow"
     Dr. Robert H. Goddard
" a Gantt chart, for the starting point, does the triangle point up or down?"
     Stan Mantel, upon creating a schedule for a project
"That's a nice lookin' piece of chicken"
     John Scofield, at The Last Chance
"Your face is brought out, and that's maybe something you don't want..."
     Bryan Shipp, at The Last Chance, upon discussion about hair styles
" sounds like Sco's been eating brownies before bed time again"
     Dave Kisloski at The Last Change, upon listening to John Scofield describe a particularly strange dream.
"Living is really over-rated"
     Steve Johanson
"So...Do you have any dents in your head???"
     Steve Johanson at The Last Chance, upon discussion regarding shaving one's head, 
     and dents in them not being good.
"So...first it's a topic, then it's an issue, then it's a concern, then it's a crisis..."
     Dave Kisloski at The Last Chance
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you sit still"
     Will Rogers
"That was really good." Dave Kisloski

"What was????" Everyone else

"There was a really big booger on that hot sauce bottle." Dave Kisloski

     Of course, it's another Last Chance Quote...
"We'll sort it all out when I'm sober." Maynard L. Hill

"But you're not even drunk yet." Jim Barlowe

  This was after an aborted cross-country record flight on 03 October, 1998, 
  while at dinner in a hotel in South Carolina that happened to be out of:  
  Salad plates
  Tonic Water
  Black Olives
  Silverware..... you get the picture.  

They're lucky we didn't say "sorry, we're out of money".

"Thus ends Book 2"

Book 3 (I think):

"I almost want it long & thin instead of short and stubby"

 Pam Weller, regarding Cell Phones

"I blame Dave for bringing it!"

John Scofield, referring to East Armageddon hot sauce (which is rather intense, to say the least).

"Hey, hot sauces don't kill people..."

Dave Kisloski, in response.

Pam: (upon walking into The Last Chance one Tuesday), to Dave K: "Here's your pants..." Dave had left his ski pants at Pam & Steve's place.

"...Just because you learn French doesn't mean you have to live in France"

Bryan Shipp

"I thought Kookaburra was a Girl Scout Cookie..."

John Scofield, while watching "Croc Hunter" at The Last Chance.

"I think it's a self-lick ice cream cone"

Dave K, regarding anti-virus software

"You CAN'T whip it out without showing it to everyone..."

Jody Shoemaker (now Scofield), regarding John Snyder's college ID (which was 15 years old at the time)

"Well, if you can't hit the throttle, you might as well hit the bottle"

Matt Lister, regarding going to the bar when the wind was blowing 25 kts, amidst driving rain, while we were *supposed* to be performing test flights on a small UAV system.

"Hey! There's a part number for "Great Stuff" in here, and it doesn't have a vendor or supplier..."

Bob Schilling.

Note: "Great Stuff" is an expanding-type polyurethane foam that's used for insulation.

"Today's the fifth Monday of the week"

Paul Schoonover. Need we say more?

"I think today was the first non-Monday of the year"

Tien-Seng Chiu, on or about February 22, 2004.

So... what's this "The Last Chance" thing, anyway?

Well, since you asked, The Last Chance is a pub that we all get together to hang out at on Tuesday nights.

The actual tradition goes back to September or October, 1989, when Tien-Seng started having everyone over for "Tuesday Night Spaghetti".

When Tien-Seng moved in 1992, the troupe moved to The Last Chance since it was convenient, and had a good beer selection.

They only had 50 taps back then, and much good selection was imported stuff, as the microbrews hadn't caught on in the States just yet.

Nowdays, they've got 56 on tap, and microbrews are a majority. The collection changes weekly. Check them out at: The Last Chance

In May of 2003, the tradition was moved to Dave and Amy's house, where, hopefully, it will remain for many years to come.

Mid-January, 2004: The Last Chance has shut its doors for the final time. It is a sad day. The demise of the establishment is very much related and linked to the decline of the Columbia village center (Oakland Mills) that housed it. It is incumbent upon the Rouse Company, which owns most of the land within Columbia, to recognize the fact that some of the older neighborhoods are deteriorating, and that the economic environment that Columbia was founded upon, has changed. It may be that Columbia, in its zest for growth, has become the suburban grid-locked, automobile-dependent society that it tried so hard to avoid in its early years. It is difficult for smaller stores to survive in this age of mega-stores whose size is best expressed no longer in square feet, but in acres.

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